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2017 Kazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti, Kazi Nazrul Islam Birthday 2017

2017 Kazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti, Kazi Nazrul Islam Birthday 2017Kazi Nazrul Islam Birthday 2017 Date : কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম জন্মদিবস তারিখ এবং সময়.

About Kazi Nazrul Islam : Kazi Nazrul Islam was a Bengali poet, writer, musician, and revolutionary, and is the national poet of Bangladesh. Popularly known as Nazrul, he produced a large body of poetry and music that used themes of Islamic renaissance and marked the beginning of spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression. Nazrul's activism for political and social justice earned him the title of the "Rebel Poet" (Bengali: বিদ্রোহী কবি; Bidrohi Kobi).His compositions form the avant-garde genre of Nazrul Sangeet (Music of Nazrul). In addition to being revered in Bangladesh, he is also commemorated and revered in India, especially in West Bengal and Tripura.
[source: wikipedia ]

Here is the Date of Kazi Nazrul Islam Birthday 2017 :

Name of FestivalsDayDate of Festivals
Kazi Nazrul Islam Jayanti Thursday25 may 2017

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